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Special Egg Recipes

There are some foods you might not have thought about making at home. Making condiments or different spreads or sauces can be a delicious and healthier option. Buying these types of foods at the store means they have additives and extra ingredients to extend their shelf life. When you make them fresh at home, you don’t need to worry about that!


At Sauder Eggs, we’ve put together some special egg recipes for these types of foods, as well as dishes for special occasions. We hope to get more people cooking with a delicious and healthy ingredient — eggs!


Eggs are low-calorie, high in protein, and nutrient-rich with many ingredients necessary for a healthy, balanced diet. There are all kinds of different foods and dishes you can make with them, for any meal or occasion!


Trying new recipes is a fun way to spice up your cooking. Whether you’re just starting to learn and build your confidence or want to pick up some new techniques, there are lots of benefits to testing out new recipes! Here are some of those reasons:


  • Learn New Skills: Cooking is a great, practical skill to learn. It helps you save money by avoiding eating out all the time and lets you eat healthier. When you try out new recipes on a regular basis, you’ll learn to cook with all kinds of different ingredients and understand how to use specific cooking techniques properly.


  • Get Creative: Unlike baking, you can play around a little bit with the recipes you find. If you don’t like a particular spice, try out a different one instead! If you don’t want a specific ingredient, leave it out! After you become more confident in your cooking ability, you can play around more and more with your recipes to make them exactly how you want them.


  • Try New Foods: It’s easy to keep a few go-to meals in your rotation. You may love these recipes for any number of reasons — they’re easy to make, you always have the ingredients on hand, or maybe your family likes to eat them. But, you’re limiting yourself from a vast number of other tasty dishes. When you challenge yourself to try out new recipes, you may find something you love that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.


Trying new recipes has lots of benefits like we talked about above. But, it also has one excellent result — a delicious and healthy treat!


When you try out one of our egg recipes for special occasions, be sure to use Sauder Eggs. Our top-quality eggs come from our network of trusted farmers. We’ve been developing those relationships for years to ensure the highest quality and freshness in our eggs.


When you cook, you only want to use the best ingredients for yourself and your family. By using Sauder Eggs, you never have to worry about quality. To find our eggs at your nearest retailer, check out our store locator today.