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Our Products

Our Products

Since Frank Sauder started what would eventually become R.W. Sauder back in the 1930s, our family-owned and operated company has remained committed to several core values. We believe in integrity and product excellence, for example. We also firmly believe in treating our valued customers, producers and employees fairly. We believe in offering a variety of high-quality products as well.

We’ve never once wavered from our values, which is one of the primary reasons people actively seek out Sauder’s eggs in grocery stores throughout the nation. When you buy Sauder’s eggs, you’ll be able to choose from among a varied selection of different kinds of eggs. Keep reading to learn about the types of eggs we proudly sell.

Traditional White Eggs

While the demand for organic eggs has increased over the past 10 years or so, many people still turn to traditional white eggs for a nutrient-rich, low-calorie source of protein. Sauder’s Grade A Large Eggs are a great choice if you want to enjoy traditional white eggs as a meal, part of a side dish or a snack.

If you want to buy eggs from Amish country, you can’t go wrong with our traditional white eggs. To see where you can buy Sauder’s Grade A Large Eggs or Sauder’s Gold Eggs, use our store locator now.

Cage-Free Brown Eggs

At Sauder’s Eggs, we’re proud to sell cage-free brown eggs, as well. The chickens producing these nest eggs on the largely family-owned and operated farms we work with are maintained in stress-free environments that don’t require them to be kept in cages.

The hens producing the cage-free brown eggs we sell reside in air-cooled houses where they can roost and socialize. The hens lay their eggs in dark, quiet nests.

Although eggs have many natural health benefits and they’re loaded with inherent nutritional value, some eggs are enhanced to provide even more meaningful benefits. Sauder’s Gold Eggs are a good example of this. Sauder’s Gold Eggs are enhanced with Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, natural vitamin E and vitamin D.

Vitamin D facilitates the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which makes bones stronger. Natural vitamin E reduces the risk of coronary disease and helps wounds to heal properly. Lutein promotes eye health, and Omega-3 fatty acids protect against heart disease, improve circulation and preserve bone density.

Like our other eggs, our cage-free brown eggs clearly provide meaningful health benefits. While these health benefits may already make you feel great about buying Sauder’s Grade A Cage-Free Large Brown Nest Eggs, another reason will make you feel even better — we package these eggs in a recyclable carton. To see where you can purchase our traditional cage-free brown eggs, we encourage you to use our handy store locator.

Organic Eggs

If you’ve always wanted to try an Amish egg, you’ll be happy to know some of our organic eggs come from Amish farms. When you buy a package of our organic Amish country eggs, you’ll enjoy eggs described as “fresh” and “delicious.”

While we’re proud to sell organic eggs from Amish country, we’re equally proud to sell organic eggs from other areas. Regardless of whether you buy our organic Amish eggs or organic Sauder’s eggs from another location, you’ll enjoy eggs that are free of antibiotics and pesticides. Chickens that produce organic eggs for our family-owned and operated business are only fed a vegetarian diet — most also enjoy flaxseed. In general, the organic eggs we sell are collected in the morning, processed and loaded onto delivery trucks the same day.

To find a store that sells our organic eggs near you, use our store locator now.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

If “pasture-raised” stuck out in the list of egg types mentioned above, you may be asking yourself, “What does pasture-raised mean?” It’s simple—what makes eggs pasture-raised is the fact that hens have access to outdoors, sun light on regular basis.

Even though modern chickens have evolved from their ancestral cousins over the years, hens are still near-insatiable omnivores. If they lived in the wild, chickens would still eat almost any food they had access to. When chickens are raised on pasture, their experience closely mimics how they’d live in the wild–and their diet reflects it.

In addition to being fed a diet of Sauder’s Gold feed, rich in lutein, Omega-3 and vitamin D; pasture-raised hens also enjoy the outdoors as they feed on natural grass, seeds and insects. In general, pasture-raised eggs are laid by chickens that enjoy an outdoor lifestyle that’s cleaner and less stressful than alternative environments. These hens also enjoy plenty of fresh air and exposure to the sun.

Many consumers feel that pasture-raised eggs are quite simply the very best that they can buy. With this in mind, we’re proud to offer you the chance to buy our pasture-raised eggs in various retail locations, such as Safeway, Stauffer’s, Stew Leonard’s and North Shore Farms. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you that sells our products today.

Free-Range Eggs

Just as we’re proud to sell organic eggs, we’re just as happy that we sell free-range eggs. Free-range eggs are laid by chickens that have access to the outdoors. Being able to access the outdoors often gives the hens that produce free-range eggs the opportunity to forage for plants and snack on insects.

Are you looking for a local store that sells our free-range eggs? If so, your search is over. Use our store locator to find a retail location that sells our products now.

Hard Boiled Eggs

We sell several kinds of hard boiled eggs. For instance, we offer the Sauder’s Deviled Egg Kit in two convenient sizes. Each kit includes hard boiled egg halves and a packet of filling. To make tasty deviled eggs, snip the bag of filling and pipe its contents into the egg halves.

We also sell Sauder’s Hard Cooked Flavored Eggs. These eggs are available in three flavors: red beet, mustard and Buffalo hot. Perfect as a snack or as part of a side dish or salad, these versatile eggs pack a lot of satisfying flavor.

We offer Sauder’s Hard Cooked Eggs in a Pouch as well. Each pouch contains perfectly cooked and peeled eggs that are ready for immediate consumption. This product is available in two flavors: plain and red beet.

To find a retail location near you where you can find Sauder’s Hard Cooked Eggs in a Pouch, use our store locator.