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Our Process

Our Process

While you may take the presence of eggs in your grocery store for granted because they’re always there, a lot goes into getting Sauder’s eggs into your market’s coolers. Over the years, we’ve perfected the process of getting our high-quality eggs on refrigerated store shelves — and we do it in three steps.


If you’re familiar with our product line, you know Sauder sells a nice variety of egg products. From whole grade A fresh eggs to organic eggs, Amish eggs, flavored eggs, egg salad and more, Sauder’s product line includes just about everything you can imagine when it comes to eggs — we even sell deviled egg kits in two sizes!

Naturally, we need a steady supply of eggs to produce the goods we sell. We work with approximately 96 farms that produce the eggs we offer for sale. Like our business, the farms in our network are family-owned and operated. Just like us, the farmers we work with are 100 percent committed to producing only top-quality eggs.

We often say, “From one family to another to yours.” That’s because we think it sums up our production process pretty accurately.

The farmers in our network house their hens in controlled, stress-free environments. By providing sufficient lighting, ventilation, feed and water to their chickens, our farmers ensure their hens lay top-quality eggs. Most of the hens that lay Sauder’s eggs can produce as many as five eggs per week.


Even though Sauder sells approximately 1.5 billion eggs every year, not every egg produced by our farmers is fit to be a Sauder egg. If an egg isn’t clean and free of cracks, it simply isn’t up to our exacting quality standards, for example. We never compromise on our quality standards, which ensures only the very best eggs bear our family’s name.

We use the latest egg-handling technology and cage-free certification procedures to maintain the quality of our eggs and ensure they meet food safety guidelines. Our egg candling systems ensure our eggs are clean and crack-free. We use automated equipment to process our eggs quickly, which preserves their freshness.

We receive farm-fresh eggs every morning. Once we receive them, we wash, candle, size and pack the eggs. We then load them onto our delivery trucks, which transport the eggs to retailers.

Transportation and Delivery

To maintain the quality of our eggs and ensure they’re handled properly, we only use our own trucks to transport and deliver Sauder’s eggs. We have a fleet of more than 65 refrigerated trucks, all of which are driven by one of our own employees.

Regardless of the time of day or night or what the weather’s doing, you’ll often see our delivery trucks on the roadways. We’re committed to providing you with the best eggs and egg products through a variety of retailers, which is why we never rest.

Having refrigerated trucks is how we’re able to deliver high-quality eggs and related products that have retained their freshness throughout the production, processing and delivery process. Of course, having highly trained employees who know how to handle Sauder’s eggs the right way is another reason you should only expect the very best from any product that bears our family’s name.

We’re proud of the process we have in place that successfully delivers top-quality, fresh eggs to retailers. While our process is effective, we’re always looking for ways to improve our operations to ensure we’re consistently delivering the best eggs possible.

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