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Giving Back

Since Frank Sauder started what would eventually grow into what is now R.W. Sauder, our family-owned and operated company has achieved several meaningful benchmarks. Today, we have three marketing branches and operate five processing plants in three states. We employ approximately 400 hard-working, talented employees. We have an extended network that includes about 96 farms that produce the eggs we have the privilege to sell. And we have long-standing, multi-generational relationships with many of the farmers who produce our eggs.

While we’re proud of all of those achievements, they’re not what we’re most proud of. Our crowning achievement isn’t even selling well over a billion eggs per year.

Instead, we consider our demonstrated commitment to giving back our greatest achievement.


Our Community and Charitable Activities

Over the years, Sauder has been a proud participant in a good number and a nice variety of events designed to benefit our community. We participated in the 100th Annual PA Farm Show and Wingstock’s Buffalo Hot Egg eating contest, for instance. Sauder was part of Lititz’s 250th birthday celebration, and we’ve handed out roses to consumers to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too.

Although those events were a blast and we look forward to being a part of future events that raise the profile of our community and bring neighbors together in the future, nothing has been more rewarding than our charitable activities. We’ve been happy to partner with other egg producers to support America’s Second Harvest with a donation of more than 12,200 dozen eggs. We were just as eager to team up with ISE America and make a joint donation of 540,000 eggs to the Northeast Food Bank.

For a quarter of a century, we’ve hosted the Annual Sauder’s Egg Run & Walk. This fun- and activity-filled event raises money for our local firefighters, including the Lititz, Penryn and Brunnerville fire stations. With hundreds of participants and many local businesses contributing to this event, our Annual Sauder’s Egg Run & Walk raises much-needed funds every year.

Every year, Sauder is honored to participate in the Mother’s Day Make-A-Wish Convoy as well. This annual event raises funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With kids typically manning the horns of the trucks that are part of the convoy, this event is often one of the loudest, most entertaining ones around.

Supporters line the streets along the convoy’s route long before the convoy even begins. The convoy starts at Burle Business Park and goes through Akron and Ephrata before making its way back to Burle Business Park. Loud, long and involving truck of all kinds, the Mother’s Day Make-A-Wish Convoy is a fantastic way to lend support and offer hope for a better, healthier tomorrow for kids stricken with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

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If you’d like to learn more about our community and charitable activities, we encourage you to contact our family-owned and operated business. If you know of an organization that might benefit from our help or our participation in an upcoming event, we’d love to hear all about it!

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