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Traditional White

If your local grocery store sells Sauder’s eggs, then you already know where to buy white eggs. An egg is an egg, unless it’s a Sauder’s egg from one of our family owned farms. You also know that Sauder’s eggs are high-quality, delicious, satisfying and versatile. Our traditional white eggs are fantastic on their own, as part of a main course or as a wide assortment of yummy side dishes.


The birds are housed in wire cages, with plenty of space for comfortable movement and easy access to food and water. One of our top priorities is the humane treatment of laying hens, which is why we follow UEP guidelines for our traditional white eggs. Our CEO and owner Mark Sauder said it best:


“We have known all along that healthy, well-treated hens produce the best eggs,” he said. “We provide them with the proper amount of space to prevent stress. We give them the best food and water available. And, we care for them in a healthy way throughout their lives, as we handle and transport them.”

Sizes Available:

Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo

Egg Counts:

6 pack, 12 pack, 18 pack


  • UEP Certified
  • No Hormones

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Farms We Work With

We work with a network of about 96 farms, 46 of which we have been working with for more than 10 years to produce white eggs consumers love. Like Sauder’s, most of the farms we work with are family-owned and operated. In fact, many of the farms in our network are operated by a farmer, his or her children and an employee or two.

Like us, the farmers who produce Sauder’s eggs are committed to product excellence and fair prices. We’re proud to have worked with farmers who share our values for over four generations, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with them for many more generations to come.

Sauder’s Traditional White Eggs

Since Sauder’s humble beginnings back in the 1930s, our traditional white eggs have remained best-selling products. We source our Sauder’s Grade A Large Eggs directly from Amish Country and sell them by the dozen, with each egg having only 70 to 80 calories.

Plus, we mark every Sauder’s Grade A Large Egg with a freshness and farm traceability code printed on its shell. You can enter the three-digit farm code on our website to learn the specific farm that produced your eggs. This traceability is just one way we invite you to look inside our business and feel like you’re a part of our family.

With a shelf life of 45 days, our white eggs are long-lasting. This lengthy window of time to consume your eggs is another way you get the most value when you purchase Sauder’s eggs. We transport our white eggs at a temperature that’s below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When you purchase our traditional white eggs, it’s advisable to store them at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. While Sauder’s white eggs are versatile, you should avoid freezing them.

Health Benefits of White Eggs

Many people know eggs are rich in nutrients, but not nearly as many are aware of the health benefits that eggs can provide. Eggs can raise your levels of good cholesterol when you eat them regularly. White eggs can also transform dense, small LDL particles into larger, more heart-healthy particles of “bad” cholesterol. Because they keep you feeling full longer, eggs often reduce the number of calories you’ll consume after you eat them, which can help you lose weight.

For decades, many consumers believed eating eggs would expose them to a greater risk of heart disease and stroke since they naturally contain cholesterol. While this long-standing belief is understandable, it’s inaccurate. Countless studies of egg consumption and the risk of heart disease and stroke have shown there is no relationship between eating eggs and a greater risk of heart disease and stroke in people who don’t suffer from diabetes.

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