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Our Quality

Ever since Frank Sauder started what would eventually grow into the R.W. Sauder family of companies, we’ve been dedicated to quality. As a leading egg wholesaling business, our recipe for providing high-quality eggs starts with our laying hens.

Producing quality eggs begins with only having hens from the most advanced breeds currently available From the time they’re peeps, our hens are closely monitored to ensure they’re healthy.

Our family’s name is on every product we sell. While quality control for eggs is important to any reputable producer, it’s particularly important to us. Our family’s reputation, as well as the reputation of our family-owned and operated business and products, are on the line every time you purchase Sauder’s Eggs or one of our egg products. We don’t take this lightly, which is why quality is built into the very nature of our operations.

What Are Quality Standards for Eggs?

As far as Sauder is concerned, quality standards for eggs are dual-fold. We have standards in place to ensure the farms that provide our eggs only produce high-quality eggs that offer nutritional value and that taste great. We also adhere to standards that ensure the eggs and egg products we produce are safe to consume.

Our Federal and State governments and certifying bodies have some of the toughest regulations for egg producers in the nation and we must meet these standards. Our handling and testing practices will always meet or exceed them. Sauder isn’t content to rely exclusively on our own tests, which is why we turn to independent technicians and laboratories to test our eggs and prepare accurate reports.

Here are list of the bodies we use

  • Traditional eggs – UEP
    • Tested Quality – Salmonella testing
  • Specialty Eggs Cage Free/Free Range/Pasture Raised Eggs
    • Certified Humane
  • Organic
    • PCO (Penn Certified Organic)
    • USDA Organic
    • OEFFA

Keeping eggs properly refrigerated is one of the most effective ways to ensure they’re safe to consume. We count on a network of approximately 120(96) farms to provide the 1.5 billion or so eggs we sell every year. Every single farm in our extensive network has refrigeration units on site. After eggs are gathered on a given farm, they’re placed in a refrigeration unit that maintains the FDA required storage conditions, which happen to be 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Refrigerating and handling our eggs properly is so important when it comes to food safety and quality that we have a fleet of more than 65 refrigerated trucks that transport Sauder’s eggs. We own every vehicle in our delivery fleet so that we can maintain control of each truck’s temperature. A Sauder employee who knows how to handle our products the right way operates each of our delivery trucks.

We also print the use by date on every Sauder Branded egg carton so consumers know when they pick up a carton of eggs they are getting fresh quality eggs in every Sauder branded traditional egg carton (White Eggs only)

How eggs are processed plays a significant role in their lasting quality, freshness, wholesomeness and safety. We use the latest egg-handling technology to ensure our eggs are high-quality and safe. To ensure our eggs are still fresh and wholesome when they make it to your table, we process our eggs quickly, but we never skip a step in our overall process.

Here are some facts regarding our grading/process

  • Crack Detection – Ultra Sound is used to look for cracks, Each egg is inspected on all sides/top and bottom
  • Samples done to inspect quality, dirty’s, leakers and Bloods
    • USDA requires 1 sample of 100 eggs per 100 cases finished
    • Sauder Internal Quality Control – 1 sample of 100 eggs per 35 cases finished
  • Certified scales are used for offline sampling, Scales are calibrated annually

For more information on our quality standards, check out Mark of ‘Eggsellence’ and Food Safety Requirements.

Sauder’s eggs are often gathered in the morning and are picked up by one of our trucks and delivered to one of our five processing plants. When the eggs arrive at a Sauder processing facility, they’re washed, candled, sized and packed. They’re then loaded onto our refrigerated delivery trucks and transported to their retail destinations.

Like our company, all of the farms in our network are family-owned and operated. That’s why we often say, “From one family to another to yours.” Because we’re one family dedicated to serving yours the highest quality, safest eggs, you can always count on us for high-quality, fresh eggs and egg products.

Living Conditions on Our Farms

As we stated earlier, producing high-quality eggs starts with our hens. While we monitor our chicks and laying hens to ensure they’re healthy and living in safe and humane conditions to ensure that not only the egg is top quality but also the hens need to be of top quality.

We firmly believe that it’s our responsibility to ensure each hen on every farm in our network is well cared for and the farmers we work with share this belief. All of the farmers who produce eggs for Sauder cartons keep their chickens in a controlled, safe, stress-free environment.

Every hen house where chickens lay Sauder’s eggs has the right kind of lighting, ventilation, feed and water. Our farmers ensure their laying hens have unlimited access to water and that they’re well fed. Because hens that produce Sauder’s eggs are so well cared for, they produce high-quality eggs, with each chicken laying as many as five eggs per week.

At Sauder, we’ve spent generations ensuring our family’s name is synonymous with high quality, and we look forward to doing the same for many generations to come. For high-quality eggs and egg products, look for our name on the package.

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