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Our Retailers

If you’re familiar with Sauder, then you know our company is a family-owned and operated business that started way back in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. Over the years, we’ve grown from a single location selling eggs door-to-door into a multi-faceted organization that now has three marketing branches and five processing plants located in three states.

Over the years, we aligned ourselves with more than 96 farms that produce our eggs. Our extended network of farms includes mostly family-run operations. To be included in our egg producing network, a farmer must comply with our strict Federal and State Government requirements and our own quality requirements, our stringent egg handling guidelines and our non-negotiable standards for treating animals humanely.

Our Relationships With Storefronts

Just like we’ve worked with many of the farms in our network for generations, we enter relationships with select retailers for the long-term. Because we sell well over one billion eggs annually, it doesn’t mean we’re willing to enter into a retail relationship with any grocer or chain.

Our goal when we’re establishing a relationship with a storefront is to make it last. The only way we can do that is by carefully selecting the retailers that sell our products. Even if our eggs or egg products are sold under a name other than ours, we’re still picky when it comes to the storefronts that sell them.

We only work with retailers that share our values when it comes to integrity, product excellence and treating everyone fairly, including the customers who buy our eggs, our employees and our producers. We don’t compromise on our values, and we expect our retailers to stay true to them at all times just like we do.

At various points, we’ve turned down requests from retailers that haven’t shared our values. Our refusal to compromise has only deepened the relationships we have with our current retailers because they’ve seen proof that mutual shared values are our top priority.

Putting the people who make our company successful first is our priority, and that includes treating our retailers with the respect they deserve and delivering eggs and egg products that they are proud to sell under our name or their own. We value our retailers and recognize that we wouldn’t have reached the level of success we have achieved without them.

Just like our farmers are part of our extended family, so are our retailers. And we look forward to working with them for many generations to come.

Sauder’s eggs are sold by many retailers and we’re proud to be affiliated with every location that sells our products. If you want to buy eggs and egg products from a respected retailer that shares our core values, we encourage you to use our store locator to find a store that sells our eggs and egg products. To learn about retailers that join our extended family in the future, sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news regarding our family-owned and operated business.