Keeping nature’s perfect food perfect.
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Our Mission

Our Mission at Sauder’s Eggs

To keep nature’s most perfect food perfect, we will continue to operate with a traditionally unconventional spirit,
pioneering innovation and setting new standards in one of the most mature of all food categories.

We are a family – a family of 400+ employees, 104+ family farms and 6,200,000 hens that produce our eggs

Our customers will drive every decision we make; we will go above and beyond so that they can enjoy our eggs

We will operate with a high standard of ethics, including honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness

We will relentlessly pursue progress to lead, setting new standards of excellence in egg quality, animal welfare, and improved nutrition

We will take pride in every single egg that leaves our doors. If an egg leaves cracked, dirty, or leaking, so does our reputation

We will protect and share nature’s perfect food, ensuring a sustainable future for the 120+ family farmers we represent each day

We will be uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees

We are a team, and we will never realize our full potential unless each of us plays a role in working toward a greater good

We will:
• Demonstrate pride in our irreplicable model of small, independent family farms
• Honor our 85 plus-year legacy and our roots in Lancaster County, the Napa Valley of eggs
• Stubbornly adhere to strict egg quality standards
• Lead rather than follow, establishing new standards of excellence
• Develop new ways to share nature’s most perfect food
• Treat our hens with the utmost respect, treating them and feeding them better to get a better-tasting,
nutritionally superior egg.
• Serve our customers with a ridiculously reliable work ethic, delivering when others won’t
• Champion teamwork, understanding that we can only realize our fullest potential when working together