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Calories in Eggs

How Many Calories Are in an Egg?

Are you counting calories as part of a balanced diet? Eggs offer a healthy way to lose weight while still getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

One large egg only contains about 70 calories and is packed with nutrients and protein so you stay fuller longer. Eating eggs can help you snack less between meals so you decrease your daily caloric intake. In one study, those who ate an egg breakfast lost weight as part of a reduced-calorie diet.

If you want to lose weight, make sure to eat eggs in moderation. Focus on consuming fewer calories by swapping calorie-rich foods like bagels and muffins for eggs in the morning.

The Number of Calories in Eggs

Popular questions for a lot of people are, how many calories are in an egg as well as how many calories are in one egg white and how many calories are in an egg yolk? Well, there are 70 calories in one large egg, but the number of calories in egg whites is significantly less. While the egg yolk has 55 calories, the egg whites contain only 17 calories and zero grams of fat.

With low-calorie and fat-free egg whites, you can enjoy delicious egg meals guilt-free. But did you know that yolks are nutrient-rich and contain essential vitamins that egg whites don’t provide? Instead, consider cooking the entire egg using low-fat methods, like hard and soft boiling.

What’s the Most Low-Calorie Way to Cook My Eggs?

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods — you can fry, scramble, poach, boil and even bake them for delicious options for a variety of recipes. But which cooking methods result in the most low-calorie, low-fat egg?

We recommend boiling or poaching an egg as part of your weight loss plan. One boiled egg contains approximately 78 calories and one poached egg has 71 calories.

In contrast, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and omelets have the most calories at about 90. Why? These methods use cooking sprays, oil or butter, which can add 20 or more calories to your dish. For a low-fat scrambled egg option, use only the egg whites and healthy olive oil.

Boiled and poached eggs use fat-free, water-based cooking methods. If you’re on a low-fat or reduced-calorie diet, you can still enjoy poached or boiled eggs and reap the benefits of a high-protein, nutrient-dense food choice. Just make sure to save deviled eggs and egg salads for special occasions, as the use of mayonnaise increases the fat and calorie content.

Does the Number of Calories Vary by Egg Type?

There are many different egg types on the market, including the chicken eggs we love as well as more exotic varieties like goose and quail eggs.

The amount of calories in each of these eggs is based on its size. A large chicken egg weighs around 50 grams and contains 70 calories. Quail eggs are much smaller at only nine grams, resulting in only 14 calories.

On the other hand, geese lay much larger eggs. A typical goose egg weighs 144 grams and has about 270 calories — not part of a low-calorie diet! Chicken eggs are just the right size to make for a filling snack or healthy meal addition.

You may be wondering if white or brown eggs have more calories. The truth is that there is no nutritional difference between white eggs and brown eggs. The only difference is the shell color, which is determined by genetics. Whether white, brown, blue or green, all large eggs contain around 70 calories.

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