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Our History

Our History

It’s hard to imagine anyone having an entrepreneurial spirit during the Great Depression, but one man did. It was in the 1930s that Frank Sauder began what would eventually become R.W. Sauder.

In the heart of the Depression Era, Frank Sauder started a door-to-door delivery business. Several days per week in the very early morning hours, Frank Sauder loaded his small truck with the freshest vegetables, poultry and eggs produced on his farm and the farms of his Lancaster County neighbors. Frank would then make the trip from his farmhouse to Philadelphia, where he sold his goods.

It didn’t take long for Frank to establish a sound reputation for selling high-quality food at fair prices, a reputation we’re proud to perpetuate to this day. Frank’s son, Raymond, joined his father’s family business in 1947. Working together, Frank and his son successfully expanded their business into a top-quality egg wholesaling operation in just a few years.

Paul Sauder’s Reign

Over time, Raymond’s son, Paul, took the reigns of the family business. Like his father and grandfather, Paul upheld the Sauder family’s values and helped the company experience even greater success. The family traditions that continue to guide our leadership today include:

  1. Integrity
  2. Product excellence
  3. Fairness to customers, producers and employees

Where We Are Now

Our family-owned and operated business has changed a lot through the generations. While we expect more changes in the future, we’re happy with where we are now. Over the years, our business has grown from just one location in Lititz, PA, to five productions facilities located in three states.

Our family of employees and producers has grown through the decades, as well. Today, we employ about 400 people and work with approximately 120 farms, most of which are family-owned and operated. Around 7 million hens produce the approximately 1.5 billion eggs sold under the Sauder name every year.

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