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Animal Care

Animal Care

Our family-owned and operated enterprise isn’t only in the business of selling eggs and egg products. We’re also in the business of caring for the hens that produce the eggs we sell. Without healthy, happy hens, the quality of our eggs would suffer. And we’re committed to never letting that happen.

Sauder works with a network of  80+ farmers to bring high-quality eggs and egg products to market. Our extensive network consists mostly of family-owned and operated farms. Like our own family-owned and operated business, the farmers in our network are dedicated to caring for their chickens properly and humanely.

How Are Farm Chickens Treated?

Depending on the type of eggs they produce, the farms that produce Sauder’s eggs maintain anywhere from 5,000 to 1 million hens. If you think that’s a lot of chickens, you’re right!

No matter how many chickens are on a given farm, it’s vital that each one is well cared for. Because we’ve always been committed to the humane treatment of hens, our products are endorsed with the United Egg Producers Certified seal. This seal guarantees our farmers produce eggs while adhering to the United Egg Producers’ Animal Husbandry Guidelines.

While adhering to these strict guidelines is voluntary, we choose to do it because it’s the right thing to do for us, our farmers, our hens and you. Here are just a few of the guidelines we follow to produce high-quality, fresh eggs:

  • We implemented stringent biosecurity measures to protect the safety of our eggs and chickens
  • Everyone who works with the chickens on our farms is properly trained and they’ve signed a code of conduct for correct animal handling
  • Our chickens are fed nutritious feed with no added hormones
  • Our hens always have access to clean water and fresh air
  • We do not employ programs that induce molting by withholding feed
  • Our hens have sufficient space based on scientific recommendations

Living Conditions at Our Organic Farms

With these guidelines in place, you never have to worry about the heath of chickens on a farm that’s part of our extensive network. If you visit one of our cage-free, organic farms, you’ll see every hen enjoys a vegetarian diet without ingredients treated with pesticides or antibiotics.

Clearly, life is pretty good for the laying hens at the organic farms in our network. We’re happy to report the same can be said about the chickens on the other farms in our network. How do we know? Because these farms are certified annually by independent auditors.

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