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Traditional Brown

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You’ve probably also realized the saying applies to many things in life — one of them is eggs.


In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, many people cling to the belief that brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. This belief, coupled with the desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle, inspires a lot of shoppers to research where to buy brown eggs. The answer is any retail location that sells Sauder’s traditional brown eggs.

Sizes Available:

Jumbo, Extra Large, Large

Egg Counts:

12 pack


  • UEP Certified
  • No Hormones, Veg Fed

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Sauder’s Brown Eggs

Our family-owned and operated company works with a large network of farms to offer you several kinds of Sauder’s brown eggs. Here is a list of the brown eggs we sell through retailers such as Trader Joe’s and Sam’s Club:

Sauder’s Gold Large Eggs

Sauder’s Cage-Free Eggs

Sauder’s Organic Cage-Free Eggs

Sauder’s Amish Country Eggs

Sauder’s Amish Country Organic Eggs

Sold by the dozen, our brown eggs are often collected in the morning, processed at one of our five processing plants and transported to retailers, in most cases within seven days or less after being laid by the hens. Our fresh traditional brown eggs have a shelf life of 45 days, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy them.

To ensure the very best eggs go into our cartons, our quality checks for Sauder Traditional White and Brown Eggs exceeds the USDA requirements, even without the USDA shield on the label.

Our birds are housed in wire cages, with plenty of space for comfortable movement and easy access to food and water. One of our top priorities is the humane treatment of laying hens.

Quality is our number one priority when servicing retailers who have chosen to carry the Sauder Brand. Below is a comparison of the USDA checks, per 100 eggs, to ours:

USDA — quality checks every 100 cases

Sauder — quality checks every 35 cases

Are Brown Eggs Healthier?

Like white eggs, brown eggs provide significant health benefits. Eggs naturally contain beneficial nutrients that can improve your health. A single egg can contain as much as six grams of protein. Eating an adequate amount of protein every day can help you lose weight, increase your muscle mass, lower your blood pressure and keep your bones healthy.

Eggs naturally contain lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin A, which are essential nutrients for keeping your eyes healthy regardless of your age. In addition to protecting your sight, eggs can also increase your levels of HDL, which is the “good” kind of cholesterol. People with higher levels of HDL generally have a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and other health problems.

While many people find the health benefits mentioned above desirable, you don’t get them just from eating brown eggs. The truth is, you can enjoy those benefits from eating any chicken egg, no matter what color it is. In other words, while brown eggs are undeniably good for you, they aren’t healthier than white eggs.

Where Do Brown Eggs Come From?

If you’re curious about what makes an egg brown, you might be surprised by how simple the answer is. Put simply, hens with brown feathers lay similarly colored eggs, while chickens with white feathers produce white eggs.

Brown chickens are larger than their white-feathered brethren, which means they consume more food. Because brown chickens eat more, brown eggs typically cost more to produce. The increased food intake of brown chickens compared to white hens is often why brown eggs may cost more than white eggs.

Find a Sauder’s Brown Eggs Retailer Near You

If you’re ready to live a healthier life, make eating Sauder’s brown eggs part of your daily routine. To find a grocer or market that sells our traditional brown eggs, use our convenient store locator now.