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If you’re familiar with Sauder’s eggs and egg products, then you already know what to expect when you buy something with our family’s name on the package: quality and excellence. Our reputation is on the line every single time a consumer purchases something we produce, which is why we remain dedicated to producing only the highest-quality eggs and egg products.

We do a lot to ensure our eggs and egg products are the best. We maintain a fleet of refrigerated trucks to transport our eggs at the right temperature, for example.

While we go to great lengths to preserve the quality of our eggs at all times, the truth is that the quality of our eggs starts with the chicken farmers who produce Sauder’s eggs. With our family’s reputation being intimately entwined with the egg farmers who produce Sauder’s eggs, we choose the farms in our network of producers carefully.

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Farm Selection

Since our company’s modest beginnings during the Depression in the 1930s, we’ve established an extended network of 80+ egg farmers who produce the eggs we sell. Our relationships with these farmers often extend back over several generations.

The farms in our network are family-owned and operated, just like our business is. The profile of a typical farm in our network includes a farmer, his or her children and an employee or two. We’re committed to working with small farms and maintaining our valued relationships with those in our network.

We select the farms in our network carefully to ensure they share our core values. We interview farmers along with their spouses to ensure partnering with us will be mutually beneficial. We also conduct a visual inspection of their operations to make sure their standards match our own.

In many cases, our company’s standards for our branded products exceed the USDA’s requirements for quality, and the farms we work with must be able to meet our standards at every turn. Every one of the farms that produce our traditional eggs must meet UEP certifications as well. If a farm produces specialty eggs, it must also satisfy Organic, Pasture Raised and Humane Farm Animal Care requirements. Also known as Certified Humane

If a farm isn’t able to meet the requirements and standards that govern our industry as well as our own company, we will not add it to our network of producers. Similarly, if a farm falls short of our expectations after it joins our network, we’ll terminate our relationship with that location if it doesn’t make immediate, lasting improvements.

To ensure our egg farmers always operate at a more-than-satisfactory level, they undergo audits performed by an independent third-party every year. We never want to put the quality of our eggs or egg products at risk, which is why we’re so vigilant about the chicken farmers we choose and how they conduct their work.

To learn more about how we partner with farms, the relationships we have with the egg farmers in our current network and our quality standards, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter. To find a retailer near you that sells our products, use our store locator now.