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Navigating the egg aisle in the grocery store isn’t as easy as it once was. This is due in large part to the generous number of egg types you have to choose from. Although you have a good number of egg types available to you, free-range eggs remain a perennially popular choice for those looking for certified humane eggs.

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  • Certified Humane – Free Range
  • No Hormones, No Antibiotics, Veg Fed

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Sauder Free Range Eggs

The Sauder’s Family has committed through 4 generations now to source and produce any all types eggs based on our customer’s needs and wants for any occasion. We are excited to announce we now offer Free Range and Free Range Organic to all customers who love our EGGS. Our #1 goal is to KEEP NATURE’S PERFECT FOOD…PERFECT.

What Are Free-Range Eggs?

What makes eggs free-range is a chicken’s ability to access the outdoors and feed on a pasture. When a chicken can do those things in a cage-free environment, the hen is considered free-range. When a hen is free-range, the eggs she produces are also considered free-range.

While chickens must have access to the outdoors to be considered range-free, they don’t necessarily have access around-the-clock or every day. Certain factors make it necessary for farmers to limit the access that free-range chickens have to the outdoors.

Freezing temperatures or wintry elements like snow or ice may cause a farmer to keep his or her chickens inside. The presence of predators or migrating birds that may have diseases like avian mites or Avian Flu nesting nearby could also cause farmers to keep their free-range chickens inside for a spell.

Free range birds must have outdoor access or access to outdoors and must have 2 square feet per bird. The hens must be outdoors, weather permitting and when they are outdoors, they must be outdoors for at least six hours per day.

Are Free-Range Eggs Healthier?

All eggs can provide significant health benefits. When eaten regularly, eggs can increase your HDL, or “good” cholesterol levels. Eggs also have the power to transform the small, dense type of bad cholesterol particles into the more heart-friendly, larger LDL particles. Eggs contain an assortment of nutrients that can protect you from heart disease and vision loss, as well.

While chicken eggs offer health benefits and nutritional value across the board, free-range eggs have even more nutrients. Free-range hens enjoy a diet that includes the grass and bugs they find outdoors, as well as their grain. Because they eat the things they find outside in addition to their grain, free-range chickens produce eggs that are healthier than those produced by hens that dine on grain alone.

In many studies, free-range eggs have been found to have a generally higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, along with lesser proportions of omega-6 to omega-3. Free range eggs are also rich in long-chain omega-3s, including DHA.

Where to Get Free-Range, Certified Humane Eggs

If you’re ready to benefit from the added nutritional value that free-range eggs provide, you’re probably wondering where you can get free-range eggs. You can use our store locator to find a retailer near you that sells Sauder’s free-range eggs.

Our free-range eggs are sold by the dozen and they have a shelf life of 45 days. Our versatile free-range eggs are a great way to start the day and they’re a satisfying, protein-rich snack that will keep you feeling full. If you want to take your favorite side dishes to the next level, consider incorporating our range-free eggs into your recipes.

Use our store locator to see where you can purchase Sauder’s range-free eggs now!