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Our Story

When Frank Sauder started selling the freshest vegetables, poultry, and eggs from Lancaster, PA farms to residents and businesses located in Philadelphia during the Great Depression in the 1930s, no one knew what the future held. Sauder quickly built a solid reputation for quality foodstuff and fair prices. Constantly building on that reputation, Sauder’s door-to-door egg business has grown into one of the nation’s top egg wholesaling businesses over the years.

Since the company’s humble beginnings R.W. Sauder has expanded from one location in Brownstown, PA to five grading and processing facilities located in three states. Today, the organization employs about 400 people and sells approximately 1.5 billion eggs annually.

Our farmers

Family-owned and operated since it was founded, R.W. Sauder is now run by President and CEO Mark Sauder, the fourth-generation Sauder to occupy the organization’s top position. Just like Sauder’s Eggs and the other divisions that make up R.W. Sauder are family-owned, so are the farms the company does business with.

Sauder’s Eggs works with more than 104 farmers who have more than six and a half million hens producing eggs for Sauder. The profile of a typical farm that partners with Sauder’s Eggs is a small, family-run farm that operates with one farmer, his or her children and an employee or two.

With grocery stores having grown so dramatically over the past quarter-century, many of the farms that provide eggs to Sauder wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand on their own. By partnering with R.W. Sauder, the egg supplies from multiple farms are pooled together, which enables Sauder’s Eggs to satisfy the demands of retailers, such as Trader Joe’s, Weis Markets, Aldi and Sam’s Club.

When you buy eggs from Sauder’s, you can rest assured you’re purchasing eggs that have gone directly from one family to another to yours. Is there anything better than that?

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