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Depending on where you shop for groceries, you may be able to buy eggs and egg products that bear our family’s name. When you do, you’ll enjoy eggs and egg products that are of the highest quality. We have strict standards in place to ensure our eggs are always high-quality and fresh from the moment they’re collected on the farm until they reach your table.

From one family to another to yours — that’s Sauder’s high-quality eggs and egg products.

While you may recognize our eggs and egg products by the name on the package, we want you to know that we sell eggs under different brand names, too. We offer private label services for eggs so other organizations can sell our high-quality eggs under their own brands without having to establish their own egg producing and processing facilities.


Private Label Egg Clients

Over the years, we’ve established some private label relationships with some widely recognized retailers. We’re proud of these relationships because we get to work with retailers that share our core values and dedication to only selling the best.

Private Label Requirements

Like any business, we’re always looking to expand our sales channels, but we will not do so if it means compromising our values or our standards. In the past several years, we’ve gone as far as pass up on requests for our private label eggs from regional and national chains because we felt they were not focused on satisfying the expectations of consumer’s who purchase private labeling eggs.

We evaluate private label prospects on several fronts to determine if partnering with them is the right move for them and our family-owned and operated business. We look at their volume commitment and how they’ve treated their previous egg suppliers. We make sure a prospect’s values are aligned with our own as well.

If a retailer is simply looking for the lowest price and doesn’t have a sincere interest in quality, service levels or certifications, we will not produce private label eggs for the storefront. Even when our name isn’t on the package, we maintain our proven commitment to producing the high-quality eggs our wholesale customers and, ultimately, consumers have come to expect from us.

If you would like to learn more about our private label services for eggs, we encourage you to contact our wholesale service team at the following phone number: 800-233-0413. You can also send an inquiry to

Whether you represent a large chain or a single location, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing your private label egg needs. To see if you’re a candidate for our private label services for eggs, contact Sauder today