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While you may already recognize R.W. Sauder as one of the nation’s foremost egg wholesaling organizations, you may not know about the things that matter the most to us. Although we’re proud that our family-owned and operated company has grown from a single location in Brownstown, PA to five egg facilities located in three states, our commercial success takes a back seat to our core values.

Our core values are the pillars upon which we’ve been fortunate enough to build a thriving enterprise. Since our humble beginnings back in the 1930s, we’ve never wavered from our values. We’ve continued to put our values into practice every day, in every task we perform and every exchange we have with our customers, employees and producers.

Our Family Values

It’s not just because we want our business to remain family-owned and operated that we’re committed to family. We’re dedicated to our family because we genuinely value our familial relationships and what has become the Sauder legacy.

Mark Sauder is currently at the helm of R.W. Sauder in his dual role as our president and CEO. Mark is the fourth-generation Sauder to assume this position, following in the footsteps of his father. So he would have a better understanding of what employees experience and expect from leadership, Mark’s father insisted he work elsewhere right after college.

Smiling employee of Sauder's Eggs

Mark worked in Colorado for seven years after he completed his studies. When he returned to R.W. Sauder in 2008, Mark didn’t step into an executive position. Instead, he worked on the front lines. Like the Sauder business leaders before him, this hands-on experience gave Mark an appreciation for the hard work our dedicated employees do every day.

It also made him realize every employee and every one of our producers is a member of our extended family — and each of them deserves the fair treatment and respect R.W. Sauder extended to them from the very beginning.

Quality Values

Like our own company, the farms we work with are family-owned and operated. A typical farm in our network is operated by a farmer and their children. While many of the farms in our network are independently-owned operations, they share our deep commitment to quality.

Many of our eggs are gathered by hand in the morning. We use the latest technology to process our eggs to ensure they are top-quality. Then, we generally transport our eggs to retailers on the same day they’re gathered from the nest to ensure they’re the freshest eggs available.

From one family, to another, to yours, providing you with high-quality eggs is always our top priority.

Relationship Values

By now, it’s probably clear how dearly we value the relationships we have with our family, employees, producers and customers. While we hope that’s the case, we want you to know we value the relationships we have with the communities in which we operate, too. We know without the support of our extended community, R.W. Sauder simply wouldn’t be the success story it is.

We show our appreciation for our community by giving back. Every year, we strengthen our relationship with our extended community by participating in various charity and fundraising events. We always look forward to these activities, and we can’t wait to participate in even more moving forward.

When you buy Sauder’s eggs, you can feel great about purchasing eggs from an enterprise that values you, as well as its employees, producers, family members, products and community. To find a location near you that sells Sauder’s eggs, use our store locator now.