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Mark of Eggsellence

Here’s why you can always trust the quality of a Sauder Egg

You expect the eggs you eat at home and in restaurants to be fresh, safe, and wholesome. The Sauder Tested-Quality seal ensures that the eggs you’re enjoying have been produced, handled, and delivered to control the opportunity for foodborne illness – including salmonella enteritidis or SE .

Safe from the start

Refrigeration at 45°F is the best way to control food borne bacteria on the farm, at the store, and in your home. The temperature of Sauder’s eggs is consistently controlled from the time they’re laid, through processing until they’re delivered to your grocer. We even operate our own fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks to be sure.

We’re fussy about our hens

Wholesome eggs begin with healthy hens. Laying hens are monitored from the time they’re chicks. Even the slightest evidence of SE is enough to impose the maximum quality control checks on the entire flock. If SE bacteria is found in just one egg, then all eggs from that laying house are diverted to other uses.

Keeping it Clean

Sauder’s gathering, inspection, packaging, and handling processes are designed to protect the wholesomeness of your eggs. Laying houses are thoroughly disinfected between flocks to break the SE cycle. Wash water has a pH level of 11+ and a temperature between 115° F and 120° F to inhibit bacteria growth. Eggs are then rinsed and sanitized in fresh water at 135° F to 140° F.

Why we do it the way we do

Our handling and testing standards exceed even those of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture- among the toughest in the nation. In addition to our own testing, we also use independent technicians and laboratories to ensure accurate, reliable reporting.

Our name on every package

Every time we put our name on the package, we put our reputation on the line. When you see the Sauder tested-quality seal on a carton, you can trust the fresh eggs inside. That’s good to know-before you put our eggs on your family’s table.

Be safe and be sure ..follow these basic egg safe handling tips.

  • Keep eggs refrigerated – do not freeze.
  • Store eggs away from strong odors.
  • Rotate eggs-first in, first out.
  • Wash hands.
  • Use clean, sanitized utensils and equipment.
  • Cook eggs thoroughly.
  • Hold cold egg dishes below 40° F.
  • Hold hot egg dishes above 140° F.
  • Never leave egg dishes at room temperature for more than one hour (including preparation and service).