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Meet the Gretna View Farms chicks!!

Below are pictures of the pullet (young hen) house at Powl Feeds. These chicks are currently four weeks old and are being trained specifically for the Gretna View farm’s hen houses. Since the farm’s hen houses are aviary-style, cage-free, the chicks need to be trained at a young age to jump up and perch pretty high. The pullet house is heated at 95 degrees to start, and slowly cooled as the pullets grow their feathers. The water, food, and perches are placed very low at first, then slowly moved higher to train the pullets to fly up. By age 20 weeks, they are off to their new home at Gretna View to start laying eggs for Sauder’s!

Pullet house at Powl Feeds

Four week old chicks

The food and water are still at floor level.

A closer look at these cuties!

Learning to perch high….