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The 20 Tastiest New Year’s Day Egg Dishes

The 20 Tastiest New Year’s Day Egg Dishes

Posted on: December 14th 2021

Do you want to ensure your New Year gets off to a good start? Cooking up an egg-squisite New Year’s Day breakfast or brunch will set you up for 364 more days of deliciousness. If you want your New Year’s Day breakfast to be a success, you will need to have a wide range of dependable egg dish recipes up your sleeve.

This ultimate guide to New Year’s Day egg dishes will supply you with enough tasty breakfast recipes to keep your family feeling happy and full on the first day of the year and all the mornings after. Discover the best savory egg dishes and sweet baked goods to prepare for your New Year’s Day brunch.

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Top 20 New Year’s Day Egg Dishes

If you’re looking for the best New Year’s Day egg recipes around, check out the 20 egg-stra yummy New Year’s breakfast dishes below.

1. Poached Eggs With Salmon

Poaching eggs is one of the tastiest, most sophisticated ways to prepare the ingredient. When you poach an egg, the white of the egg gets firm, but the egg’s yolk maintains its yummy, runny texture. Learning how to poach an egg is a relatively easy process, even for novice chefs.

After making your poached eggs, you can create the perfect egg dish by serving them with salmon. The runny yolk of the poached eggs coats the salmon beautifully, giving the entire dish a delightful taste and texture. One bite, and you’ll understand why poached eggs with salmon is such a popular brunch order.

2. Breakfast Tacos With Eggs

Breakfast tacos are a beloved egg dish that can perk up your New Year’s Day morning. You can really do it up this New Year’s by making breakfast tacos filled with eggs, bacon, and cheese. These breakfast tacos are loaded with bold flavors to get you going in the morning. On the other hand, you could embrace the wintertime flavors of the holiday season by making sweet potato, sage, and egg tacos.

If you want to make your New Year’s breakfast tacos extra special, try serving them wrapped in pancakes rather than the traditional taco shells. Pancake breakfast tacos offer the perfect balance of sweet with savory to make your first meal of the year memorable.

3. Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon

A smoked salmon and egg scramble is a delicious way to get your fill of protein this New Year’s morning. This simple scramble is full of valuable nutrients that will help power you through the day and get your year started right. You’ll also love the mouthwatering savory and salty flavors of this egg dish.

Preparing this protein-packed dish is as easy as scrambling some eggs, sprinkling in tasty seasonings, and adding smoked salmon to the skillet. Try using your scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as a toast topping to create a delicious and filling New Year’s morning meal.

4. Sticky Buns

Is there anything more heavenly than the smell of sticky buns in the oven? You can fill your home with wafts of cinnamon goodness by baking homemade sticky buns this New Year’s Day. Your family will also love waking up to fresh, warm sticky buns after a long night of staying up to watch the ball drop.

Although sticky buns might not be the first breakfast food people think of when they think of egg dishes, sticky buns require multiple egg yolks to achieve their signature fluffy pastry dough. When combined with the cinnamon filling and crunchy pecan topping, this dough transforms into sticky buns that are worth waking up early for.


5. Overnight French Toast

If you want a quick and easy breakfast recipe for New Year’s Day, try making overnight French toast. By preparing the French toast ingredients the night before, all you’ll have to do in the morning is place the dish in the oven. The simplicity of overnight French toast makes it a delicious solution for recovering from a late-night New Year’s Eve celebration.

6. Christmas Ham Breakfast Casserole

Do you still have some leftover ham from your Christmas dinner feast? Making a Christmas ham breakfast casserole is a simple way to have a tasty New Year’s morning breakfast while using up the last of the Christmas ham. All you have to do to enjoy this yummy breakfast recipe is combine the casserole ingredients and bake the dish until the eggs are cooked through.

If you’ve already run out of Christmas ham, you can still make a bacon and cheese scrambled egg casserole that will taste just as delicious and be just as easy to prepare.

7. Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Quiche

Quiche is a rich and satisfying breakfast food that is perfect for a special occasion like New Year’s Day. Your family will love starting their year with a big slice of creamy broccoli and cheese quiche. The slight bitterness of the broccoli complements the richness of the flaky quiche crust wonderfully, creating an unforgettable dish.

If you have some picky eaters in your family, try making a basic three-cheese quiche. This simpler take on quiche is loaded with melted cheese and salty slices of bacon, resulting in a drool-worthy breakfast entree.

8. Banana Bread

Quick bread recipes like banana bread are a holiday season staple. Banana bread is an especially great quick bread to bake if you have some aging bananas to use up. Instead of tossing your browning bananas in the trash, mash them up, and use them to create a delicious loaf of fresh banana bread.

Depending on your family’s preferences, you can also add mix-ins to your banana bread batter, such as walnuts, chocolate chips, or even blueberries. Incorporating different crunchy, chewy, or gooey ingredients into your banana bread batter gives the resulting loaf an elevated texture. Regardless of what you put into your banana bread, your family will love snacking on slices of this sweet treat.

9. Banana Pancakes

Another way to use up aging bananas is to make banana pancakes. Banana pancakes taste similar to banana bread, but they are already individually portioned and prepared on the stovetop like regular pancakes. As a bonus, banana pancakes do not require flour or white sugar like regular pancakes do, making them a healthier addition to your New Year’s Day breakfast feast.

10. Baked Oatmeal

Turn traditional oatmeal into a New Year’s Day sensation by whipping up a batch of baked oatmeal. If you’ve never had baked oatmeal before, all you need to know is the dish magically makes regular oats taste more like dessert than breakfast. It’s also easy to make — all you have to do is mix the ingredients together, then bake.

The beauty of baked oatmeal is that it’s completely customizable. Whatever add-ins you usually top a bowl of oatmeal with, you can stir into your baked oatmeal mixture. From chocolate chips and chopped pecans to ripe red raspberries and shredded coconut, your baked oatmeal flavor options are limitless.

11. Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

If your family tends to prefer savory baked items, these garlic cheddar biscuits will quickly become their new favorite holiday brunch. This recipe is also perfect for anyone who wants an excuse to have cheesy garlic bread for breakfast. Enjoy these tasty bites of savory goodness all on their own, or slice them in half and stack eggs, bacon, cheese, and whatever other toppings you would like to make next-level breakfast sandwiches.

12. Chocolate-Filled Croissants

Also known as pain au chocolat, chocolate-filled croissants are one of the most mouthwateringly decadent breakfast pastries you can bake. Picture biting into a flaky pastry oozing with melted chocolate deliciousness, and you’ve got a good idea of what eating a homemade chocolate-filled croissant feels like.

Making chocolate-filled croissants at home involves preparing your pastry dough and wrapping it around individual portions of chocolate filling. Bake everything to a golden perfection, thanks to a bit of help from an egg wash. Enjoy your warm chocolate-filled croissant alongside a nice cold glass of milk to make your New Year’s Day breakfast complete.

13. Belgian Waffles

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a batch of Belgian waffles? Belgian waffles are a breakfast classic because they’re sweet, fluffy, delicious, and provide the perfect mini quadrants for pouring maple syrup into. If you have a waffle iron, making Belgian waffles is as easy as mixing some ingredients together, pouring the batter into the iron, and waiting for the waffle to cook.

Make sure you serve your Belgian waffles with plenty of topping options. While some family members might prefer sticking with syrup and butter, some will want to live it up a little by piling their waffle high with fresh berries, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, and whipped cream.

14. Coffee Cake

If you plan on brewing coffee for your New Year’s Day brunch, you can’t forget about its partner, coffee cake. Making a coffee cake for New Year’s will ensure your year starts on a sweet note. Specifically, look for a coffee cake recipe that includes a streusel crumb topping. The topping will give the coffee cake a delightful texture, along with a boost of cinnamon flavor. Even non-coffee drinkers will love snacking on some homemade coffee cake with their New Year’s breakfast.

15. Hot Chocolate French Toast

Do you want a cozy breakfast recipe that’s perfect for the holidays? Try whipping up a batch of hot chocolate French toast. Hot chocolate French toast is warm, dripping with chocolate, and just as decadent as it sounds. Every member of your family will be thrilled to wake up to thick slices of French toast that taste just like a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

16. Scrambled Eggs and Potato Hash

Making a breakfast hash is an easy way to provide a stunning breakfast spread on New Year’s Day without exhausting yourself in the kitchen. For a delicious breakfast hash, all you have to do is toss some of your favorite ingredients into a hot skillet and let them simmer until cooked through. Specifically, a corned beef, eggs, and potato hash contains savory and satisfying ingredients that will keep your family feeling full until your New Year’s dinner.

17. Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are a convenient New Year’s Day idea because they allow you to use up any leftovers you may have from the holidays. For instance, if you have extra rolls, ham, turkey, sauces, or other ingredients from your recent parties, you can put them out as a DIY breakfast sandwich bar. All you have to do is cook up some scrambled or fried eggs for your family members to add to the sandwiches, and their creations will instantly become breakfast sandwiches.

18. Spinach and Egg Breakfast Casserole

If you are looking for a good breakfast casserole recipe for your New Year’s Day brunch this year, consider making a strata. Strata is a layered breakfast casserole that typically includes eggs, bread, and cheese. This ingredient combination creates a warm, comforting breakfast casserole that tastes as good as it sounds.

More specifically, a cheesy spinach strata is a simple recipe that’s certain to impress whoever you’re serving breakfast to on New Year’s Day. With mouthwatering ingredients like Gruyere cheese, intense spices, and Dijon mustard, your cheesy spinach strata is sure to be a hit.

19. Breakfast Pizza

If you enjoy having leftover pizza for breakfast the next morning, you’ll love digging into a fresh breakfast pizza on New Year’s Day. A breakfast pizza offers all the yumminess of regular pizza but with more traditional breakfast toppings like bacon, egg, and cheese. Combining all of your favorite breakfast ingredients on a tasty pizza crust is an excellent way to start the year.

Feel free to get creative with your breakfast pizza toppings, too. If you still have holiday ham to use up, consider making a ham, egg, and spinach breakfast pizza. You can also branch out a bit from regular pizza and try making a fried egg flatbread with bacon and spinach or a fried egg flatbread with red sauce.

20. Gingerbread Muffins

Making gingerbread muffins is a delicious way to provide your New Year’s Day brunch guests with all the flavors of the holidays in the palm of their hands. Gingerbread muffins are full of warm, wintertime spices, including ginger, cinnamon, molasses, cloves, and more. These seasonal baked goods are sure to help each member of your family start their New Year off with a smile.

Start the New Year Right With These Delicious Egg Dishes

If you are ready to start planning your New Year’s Day brunch menu, make sure you get the best ingredients possible. Preparing your New Year’s Day breakfast with high-quality ingredients will set the tone for the rest of your year. You can trust Sauder’s Eggs to provide you with farm-fresh, top-quality eggs that will enhance both the taste and nutritional value of your New Year’s breakfast dishes.

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