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picture of eggs benedict

The History of Eggs Benedict

Posted on: August 2nd 2019

  While the presence of eggs Benedict on brunch menus is almost inevitable, the origins of this dish are not. Many historians dispute where this hearty breakfast topped with creamy hollandaise sauce originated. The suspects in this whodunit mystery include a regular couple at Delmonico's, a yachtsman, and a drunk...

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egg recipes for keto diet

Keto Egg Recipes

Posted on: July 18th 2019

Whether you want to lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, or get healthier, you may want to try the keto diet. Luckily, on this eating plan, you can enjoy all your favorite foods, including eggs. Part of the fun of this low-carb diet is finding out how many ways you...

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eggs with two yolks

Why Do Some Eggs Have Two Yolks?

Posted on: July 12th 2019

It's Saturday morning. You've rolled out of bed after an extra hour of sleep and, now, it's time for breakfast. You can already smell the bacon sizzling on the stove and the coffee perking in the coffeemaker. What better accompaniment for your bacon and coffee than a healthy helping of...

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different colored eggs sitting in egg cups

The Different Types of Egg Doneness

Posted on: May 29th 2019

Eggs are a nutrient-rich treasure that people eat in multiple ways. Because of their diverse usages, it gets complicated separating one cooking version from the others. One thing is definite — the degree of doneness matters. What exactly is "doneness"? Doneness measures how much an egg is cooked. Based on...

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what are the functions of eggs

What Are the Functions of Eggs?

Posted on: May 15th 2019

Whether baking or cooking, every ingredient has a purpose, including eggs. How the fats, proteins, and other components of these substances react with other elements will determine the outcome of your recipes. Knowing these interactions and what eggs do in baking can make you a more successful baker. The Functions...

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Someone cracking open a brown egg

What You Should Look for When Buying Eggs

Posted on: May 1st 2019

What to look for when buying eggs is a much more complex task than you probably thought. There are numerous factors to consider — free-range, pasture-raised, cage-free, organic and more. Who knows what any of this means? Since there are so many types, how do you know which eggs are the best to buy? And...

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how much should eggs cost

How Much Should I Be Spending on Eggs?

Posted on: April 17th 2019

Eggs are a daily staple in millions of U.S. households, but their pricing remains a mystery to most people. When you stop in front of the neatly lined cartons in the grocery store, perhaps you immediately reach for your preferred brand without considering the others. Many shoppers choose their eggs...

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eggs for weight loss

Eating Eggs For Weight Loss

Posted on: April 5th 2019

Why You Should Be Eating Eggs for Weight Loss Did you know a small egg packs a big punch when it comes to weight loss? In one study, those who ate an egg breakfast as a part of a calorie-restricted diet lost more weight than those who had a similar eating pattern,...

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carton of eggs

Can You Cook Eggs in the Microwave?

Posted on: September 18th 2018

Overview How Microwaves Work Pros of Microwaved Eggs Cons of Microwaved Eggs Is Cooking Eggs in the Microwave Safe? Are Microwaved Eggs Healthy? How to Cook Eggs in the Microwave How to Boil Eggs in the Microwave Imagine waking up with a grumbling tummy and only a few moments to...

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eggs cooked in a variety of ways

A Guide to Egg-Based Diets

Posted on: August 9th 2018

Overview The Trend of Egg-Based Diets Benefits of Eating Eggs An Overview of Popular Egg-Based Diets Important Considerations Before Starting an Egg-Based Diet Dieting — it's something we all dive into at one point or another. Whether it's trying out a fad or crash diet we've seen in an ad,...

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