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Egg-Cellent Appetizer Options That Are Perfect for Last Second Get-Togethers

Egg-Cellent Appetizer Options That Are Perfect for Last Second Get-Togethers

Posted on: March 14th 2022

When you are hosting an event and quickly running out of time, the last thing you need to worry about is what to serve before the meal officially begins! While appetizers aren’t necessary, they do play an important role at any party, get-together, and event. Hors d’oeuvres keep eager diners at bay and settle their stomachs while dinner is in the oven.

But when you are in a time crunch and on a low budget, you need to turn to your fridge and use what you have to create something amazing that your guests will love! These eggs appetizers will save the day. From truly elegant, high-end starters to casual and healthy options, there is an “egg-cellent” recipe for everyone to enjoy.

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Egg Appetizers

Forget laying out bowls of chips and dip. The era of predictable and boring starters is over. It’s time for new and exciting appetizers that will have your guests begging for the recipe! With innovative twists on party favorites to healthy and flavorful dishes, you are guaranteed to find a recipe for your next event.

1. Coddled Eggs

When you are looking for an indulgent yet simple appetizer to start off the evening, you can’t go wrong with coddled eggs. With minimal preparation and just three ingredients, you couldn’t ask for an easier hors d’oeuvre. Egg coddlers are deep porcelain or glass dishes that let you soft-cook eggs without placing them in water. If you don’t have a coddler, don’t worry. You can use a ramekin and achieve the same result.

In the end, you have a deliciously soft, fluffy egg white and rich yolk that pairs perfectly with a slice of toast.



  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Your choice of toppings

You don’t find an easier recipe than coddled eggs, so we definitely recommend it for people who don’t have a ton of experience in the kitchen. All you have to do is pour water into a pot or deep baking dish. Place the coddlers in the pot and check that the water level measures halfway up the coddler. The key is to not submerge the coddlers when cooking.

Coat the inside of the coddler with butter to ensure the whites don’t stick to the dish. Crack the egg in without breaking the yolk. Now you can add more ingredients, like ham, bacon, peppers, onions, cheese, and any other toppings you love eating with sunny-side-up eggs. Place a lid on the coddler and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook your eggs until they are your preferred consistency.

Serve with crostini or warmed bread on the side, and you have personalized individual hors d’oeuvres.


2. Reuben Egg Rolls

This recipe combines two ultimate comfort foods into one irresistible hors d’oeuvre. You get the classic Reuben sandwich elements, like the melted swiss cheese, savory corned beef, and tangy Thousand Island dressing, in the form of an egg roll. Turns out the salted corned beef and cabbage perfectly compliment the crunch of the fried shell.

When you are hosting an event or attending a potluck, one of the biggest concerns is whether your food will maintain the right temperature or reheat in the oven while keeping its flavor. These Reuben egg rolls are just as tasty fresh from the pan or eaten cold from the fridge. Here’s how you can create this snack at home.



  • Corned beef
  • Cabbage
  • Sauerkraut
  • Eggs
  • Egg roll wrappers
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Canola oil
  • Swiss cheese

Make sure your corned beef and sauerkraut are already cooked when making these egg rolls. Combine the beef, cheese, cabbage, and sauerkraut in a bowl to make the filling. While bringing the oil to the right temperature, use the wrappers and filling to create the classic egg roll shape, ensuring there are no leaks!

In this recipe, the egg is used as a final coating before frying the roll in oil. An egg wash gives the egg rolls their golden brown color. With a side of Thousand Island dressing, you have a tasty snack everyone will enjoy.

3. Mini Frittatas

Frittatas are a brunch favorite. They are easy to make, and you can add whatever ingredients you like. From fresh vegetables to a medley of cheeses to savory cuts of meat, frittatas are super versatile and healthy. Although you can easily serve slices of a standard-size frittata, most hosts look for smaller appetizers that don’t require utensils.

That’s what makes these crostini frittatas the perfect hors d’oeuvre for your next get-together. The miniature slices of toasted bread make eating this appetizer effortless and elevates the experience with added flavor and texture. Fewer dishes to clean and a healthy snack? Yes, please!



  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cheddar cheese
  • A baguette
  • Red bell pepper
  • Zucchini
  • Red onion
  • Chive and onion cream cheese
  • Olive oil

The first step to assembling your crostini frittatas is to toast the bread in the oven. Lightly toasting the crostini prevents any liquid from the eggs and vegetables from seeping through, maintaining that satisfying crunch. These individual frittatas are made using a muffin tin. After blending the eggs, milk, seasonings, and toppings, spoon the mixture into each muffin mold. Bake your frittatas in the oven and allow them to cool before assembling the appetizers.

What really takes this snack to the next level is the layer of cream cheese between the crostini and egg. The range of textures and rich flavors create a luxurious yet effortless appetizer.

4. Egg BLT Sliders

Most parties come with a table filled with salty snacks and sweet treats but rarely offer healthy options. This recipe is much tastier than a plain vegetable tray and ticks a lot of boxes for those with dietary restrictions. It’s gluten-free, low carb, and high in protein. Not to mention, it only requires a handful of ingredients and is super affordable!

With this appetizer, you get the classic flavors of a BLT without the heaviness of the entire sandwich. If you are in a time crunch to get a side dish made quickly, you can’t get an easier recipe!



  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Mustard
  • Salt and pepper

For this recipe, you’ll need a batch of hard-boiled eggs. Instead of slices of bread, you’ll cut the eggs in half lengthwise and use each half as a bread substitute to sandwich the ingredients together. Because hard-boiled eggs are round and won’t lay perfectly flat, you will have to carefully cut down the side of one of the halves so that the sandwich will be able to stand on its own.

All you have to do is assemble the sandwich, sprinkling the cooked yolks with salt and pepper, then layering the ingredients to your liking. Use a toothpick to secure the layers to ensure your sandwich stays together.

5. Cream Puffs

Cream puffs are a French pastry, typically filled with a sweet cream such as custard, whipped cream, or ice cream. However, this recipe offers a slightly different take on this dinner party classic. Instead of using traditional sweet fillings, it features savory flavors, creating the perfect appetizer to prepare your palate for a flavorful feast.

Keep in mind that this recipe calls for potent ingredients, such as olives and feta cheese. However, even the pickiest eaters will appreciate how well the bold flavors pair with the rich textures of the sour cream and cream cheese.



  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sour cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Tomato and basil feta cheese
  • Kalamata olives
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • Salt

The trickiest part of this recipe is making the choux pastry, which requires a mixer with different attachments. When made correctly, the batter will expand and puff up, creating the iconic shape. The structure of the puffs allows them to be filled once they have cooled. When the dough is ready to be baked, place the batter in the oven and begin making the filling. If you cut or pipe the cream puffs too soon, you risk the puffs deflating.

These savory cream puffs should be served immediately. While this appetizer may take a little longer to make, they are sure to become a staple for every future event.

6. Spinach Balls

Planning a dinner party or event that caters to a diverse group of people with their own preferences and tastes is already a difficult and somewhat stressful task. If you’re reading this article, then you’re looking for recipes that are different, delicious, and will be loved by everyone. However, it’s even more challenging to make a vegetable dish that appeals to an entire group of people.

These spinach balls are cheesy, indulgent, and take less than an hour to make. No one will believe that the main ingredient is spinach!



  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Green onions
  • White cheddar cheese
  • Bread crumbs
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Butter
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper

The instructions for these spinach balls call for defrosted and drained frozen spinach. If you’ve ever cooked with fresh spinach leaves, then you know that they shrink quickly when met with heat. With frozen spinach, the serving size is measured out perfectly because the leaves are already wilted down. So, in terms of efficiency and moisture, frozen spinach is the only option for this dish.

In this recipe, the eggs work as a binding agent. Still offering substantial protein and additional nutritional supplementation, they make molding the spinach batter into servable balls possible. To create this appetizer, all you have to do is preheat the oven and combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Form the balls with two spoons or your hands and lay them out on a baking sheet. In just twenty minutes, you have a healthy hors d’oeuvre for your friends and family.

7. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a dinner party staple. They can be found at nearly every event and gathering, from formal parties to casual get-togethers. This basic recipe gives you the foundation to create truly elevated variations of this picnic favorite, some of which you may already be familiar with. If you’re searching for more inspiration with toppings, consider using crab meat, caviar, buffalo sauce and blue cheese, bacon, lemon, avocado, or hummus.



  • Eggs
  • Mayonnaise
  • Chives
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Truffle salt

If you’re looking for a quick snack, deviled eggs are a fast and easy solution. All it takes is a pot of boiling water and whatever eggs you have on hand! Some people have a hard time removing the shell from the egg once it’s cooked, but placing the eggs in ice water to cool before peeling will make it easier without ending up with a hundred tiny shell pieces.

To create the filling for the eggs, carefully remove the yolks and place them in a mixing bowl. Use a fork to combine the yolks, seasoning, chives, and mayonnaise. The amount of seasoning is generally up to you. You should always taste your dishes when you’re making them to ensure they taste good. You can use a piping bag or spoon to fill the empty egg whites. Either serve them right away or store them in the refrigerator.

8. Open-Face Sandwich

When you think of appetizers, open-face sandwiches don’t normally come to mind. But don’t be fooled by the name! You don’t need utensils to enjoy this appetizer, and it won’t fill your guests up and spoil their appetites, either. While eggs may not be the first ingredient you go to when making hors d’oeuvres, they are one of the best to use. Depending on how you cook or pair them, you can manipulate and adapt their texture and flavor to a variety of dishes.

In this case, you’re coupling hard-boiled eggs with tart yogurt, potent garlic, and earthy whole grain bread. The result is a light and delicate appetizer that will leave your guests hungry for more.



  • Eggs
  • Plain yogurt
  • Fresh dill
  • Artisan whole grain bread, sliced thin
  • Garlic cloves
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper

You don’t want to use regular plain yogurt on your perfectly toasted artisan bread! Combine the yogurt with salt, pepper, and fresh dill. Yogurt is used for both sweet and savory dishes, and the seasonings and herbs you use to elevate it will determine how well the yogurt will go with the rest of the dish.

Another extra step that this recipe requires is rubbing butter on each slice of toast, followed by rubbing the surface with a garlic clove. When the bread is ready, use a fork to mash the eggs and yogurt together. Remember to keep extra dill for the end to use for garnish.

Benefits of Eggs

There are many picky eaters out there and home cooks who don’t realize just how versatile eggs are. While everyone knows eggs are full of protein and make for a great breakfast, there are many more benefits to eating eggs. From improving your mental health to creating unforgettable dishes, eggs are chock full of incredible benefits. Here are just a few ways that prove how underrated eggs truly are.

Improving Vision

None of us are immune to the effects of aging, especially when it comes to our eyesight. Eggs contain two elements that have been proven to counteract some of the degenerative effects of weakening vision — lutein and zeaxanthin. One study found that consuming appropriate amounts of these compounds can lower the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. Eggs are also rich in vitamin A, an essential nutrient for eye health.

Curing Hangovers

Forget the “hair of a dog” and drowning yourself in pots of coffee, eggs are the real hangover cure! Eggs carry a significant amount of cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down acetaldehyde, the element that causes hangovers. The amino acids, vitamins, and minerals work together to give your body the boost it needs to flush out the toxins that build up when you drink too much.

A Versatile Ingredient

Eggs are one of the most important and versatile ingredients you can use when cooking. In various recipes, eggs act as a binding agent, an element that adds volume, moisture, and shine. But aside from using eggs as an ingredient in a recipe, on their own, eggs can be completely transformed. From sweet custard scrambled eggs to hearty omelets, there are many ways to enjoy eggs. For inspiration, check out how the world’s most prominent chefs prefer their eggs.

Boosting Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential antioxidant that supports your immune system, muscle function, cellular function, and brain cell activity. But did you know that approximately 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D? That’s because vitamin D isn’t found in many foods. Eggs are one reliable source guaranteed to naturally boost your vitamin D levels.

Improving Mental Health

In a time when the world’s mental health is challenged on a daily basis by stress, constant stimulation, and social media, everyone is looking for new ways to improve their mental health. Fortunately, eggs provide a healthy and affordable solution! Eggs are packed with vitamin B2, B12, iron, tryptophan, and choline. These nutrients help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as help relieve insomnia.

When to Use These Recipes

When it comes to planning an event, the theme and guests are what influence the menu. Whether hosting a simple dinner party, casual get-together, or major celebration, you need the food to integrate perfectly into the events taking place.

Dinner parties require some planning and staggering of starters, entrees, and desserts. When you’re hosting a party at home, your guests have access to utensils and surfaces to lay their dishes on. This means that you can serve a greater variety of foods, including sandwiches and finger foods. In this instance, we recommend cooking the open-face sandwich or coddled eggs.

Get-togethers, on the other hand, are much more laidback. If you’re having people over at the last minute or are invited to a potluck, these recipes are simple and can be made within an hour. If you’re on a tight budget, you still have plenty of options that can be made with just the food in your refrigerator. For your last-minute hangouts, try making the egg BLT sliders or deviled eggs.

Larger parties come with the stress of feeding dozens, sometimes hundreds of people. In these cases, you’ll want to use appetizers that require only a few ingredients, feel high-end, and can be made in a snap. We recommend the spinach balls or cream puffs!

Whichever recipe you choose, make sure you use quality ingredients from brands you trust.

Try These Egg-Cellent Appetizers Today

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